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A Message from the

Capital Campaign Directors

We are very excited about this campaign!  It has been a long time since the Church has had a physical upgrade, and the time is right.  It's an opportunity to refresh our Christian Education and restroom facilities, improve accessibility and convenience, add much-needed parking, reduce our operating costs, and beautify the grounds.  We believe these changes will make even more folks see First Presbyterian as a vibrant Christian setting that they want to make their "home by the sea"!

As leaders of the campaign, we'd like to offer a special thanks to all of the church members (over 90 people!) who are serving on campaign committees.  We are grateful to the entire church congregation and friends of the congregation for helping to make the vision for First Presbyterian a reality by prayerfully considering what financial pledge of support toward this $3.5M project is right for them.  

Kurt Bagwell

Rob and Joan Tanner

Capital Campaign Directors

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Capital Campaign Survey Results

Two years ago, the church completed and published results of a Long Term Strategic Plan.  That plan called for a review of the church's physical facilities.  A committee has studied this issue, come up with preliminary areas of need, and a professional consultant was brought in to help get feedback from the full congregation for the committee to use the feedback to help guide final decisions.

Below are the highlights of those surveys.  In addition, we received many written comments.  All of the feedback was very insightful, and was studie by the Trustees, Session, and committee to help create the final plan approved by Session.

A Capital Campaign has been launched to raise the funds for the approved projects, as these funds are above and beyond what is collected each year in the normal Stewardship Campaign which funds cover the normal operating budget.

As the plans for the work become clear, the congregation will again be informed.  We are trying to maintain a high level of openness and communication on this project.

Thank you to all who provided survey feedback.

Kurt Bagwell, Sr., Chair


First Presbyterian Church of Delray Beach

33 Gleason Street 

Delray Beach, Florida  33483