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Construction Update

The following is the "Minute for the Construction Update"

that Kurt Bagwell gave in church on November 12, 2017.

Good morning,

     Have you ever heard the saying "I want to address the Elephant in the Room?"  Well today, that's what I would like to do.  But don't worry Doug, this time it is not about you ... it's about the big, nasty construction project that has been going on around here.

     My partner, Rob Tanner, and I have truly been amazed by the graciousness of this congregation over the last six months.  How so you might ask?  Well, six months ago we dropped a SCUD missile on this property, tore it all up, made you park in the dirt, mud, and gravel out back, ruined a few pairs of shoes, got a few cars dirty, made it dark when you park here at night - but not a single one of you has complained.  I barely get questions on when it will all be done.  Actually, most of you have given us compliments as you can now see the transformation of the property occurring right before your eyes and how beautiful it is starting to look.  Again, thank you for the gracious, Christ-like way you have put up with all of this.  There was really no good way to go about it, and it has lived up to expectations as a big, messy project.

     Now that said, we are coming down to the home stretch.  The new, re-leveled, expanded front parking area off Gleason Street will be open by Thanksgiving Sunday, November 26th.  You will be able to enter through the breezeway between the new Narthex and Fellowship Hall, which includes handicap access right to our side Covered Patio doors.  The expanded part of the back of the existing Narthex will also be open by November 26th, including our new bathrooms.  The new portion of the Narthex and the new main entrance doors under the expanded covered drop off area will not be open until December 24th.  The covered drop off area is opening on November 26th, but not the new Narthex entrance doors just yet.  At the same time, in two weeks, we will be closing off the back lot and begin the final construction out there.  The goal is to have that also open by Christmas but it will be tight.

     So, the bad news is you've had to rough it for six months, but the good news is we have just about 45 days left, and the end is in sight.  If you have gotten a glimpse of what has really happened out front on the south side off of Gleason Street, it is amazing.  The amount of earth moved was colossal.  Then drainage systems were put underground to comply with the latest building and environmental codes.  It is now all paved, with lighting and landscaping just about complete, and it looks fabulous.  The quality of work performed has been top notch.  The design has worked out perfectly.  The access you will have to this great place of worship will be beautiful and incredibly functional.  I look forward to your comments once you see it all complete.  And if you don't like it, your new nickname will be Mikey, you know, like the kid in the cereal commercial who doesn't like anything.  

     As for the fundraising for this project and the budget, just a few quick notes.  Our budget was $3.5M , and we are right on track.  We have a pledge amount of almost $3.4M, which is tremendous, especially in this day and age.  If you can help push us over the top with a little more to reach that final 4%, that would be fantastic.  We have collected about $2.6M of that $3.4M, so we have a bit more to collect in the next twelve months per the three year pledge timeline.  The best news is that we have not borrowed a single dime from the $1.9M line of credit we set up for this project, and expect that, at worst, we will only borrow $500K for a temporary period of time until the last funds come in.  That is far ahead of the schedule we laid out and will save us quite a bit in the way of interest payments that were budgeted.  The other great news is that we were able to squeeze into the budget painting the entire church facility, since it has been over twenty years since the last time that was completed.  And we will be replacing the entire roof on our historic Fellowship Hall, which was stripped of its last shingles during the latest hurricane.

     So the bottom line is we are on schedule for a December completion (knock on wood), on budget (knock on wood), the finished product is turning out to be even better than what the poster boards showed, and we really got our money's worth.

     I want to thank my partner, Rob Tanner, for all of his hard work on this project - although I would have to point out that he was in charge of making the mess and I was in charge of the new construction, along with the tremendous support from Nancy and Aaron during the construction process and the coordination required from the daily upheaval.  We are truly blessed to have worked so well together to make this successfully happen on behalf of all of you who have also committed your time, effort, and especially your financial resources to make this dream a reality.

     Thank you.

A Message from the

Capital Campaign Directors

We are very excited about this campaign!  It has been a long time since the Church has had a physical upgrade, and the time is right.  It's an opportunity to refresh our Christian Education and restroom facilities, improve accessibility and convenience, add much-needed parking, reduce our operating costs, and beautify the grounds.  We believe these changes will make even more folks see First Presbyterian as a vibrant Christian setting that they want to make their "home by the sea"!

As leaders of the campaign, we'd like to offer a special thanks to all of the church members (over 90 people!) who are serving on campaign committees.  We are grateful to the entire church congregation and friends of the congregation for helping to make the vision for First Presbyterian a reality by prayerfully considering what financial pledge of support toward this $3.5M project is right for them.  

Kurt Bagwell

Rob and Joan Tanner

Capital Campaign Directors

Watch the Capital Campaign Video

Capital Campaign Survey Results

Two years ago, the church completed and published results of a Long Term Strategic Plan.  That plan called for a review of the church's physical facilities.  A committee has studied this issue, come up with preliminary areas of need, and a professional consultant was brought in to help get feedback from the full congregation for the committee to use the feedback to help guide final decisions.

Below are the highlights of those surveys.  In addition, we received many written comments.  All of the feedback was very insightful, and was studie by the Trustees, Session, and committee to help create the final plan approved by Session.

A Capital Campaign has been launched to raise the funds for the approved projects, as these funds are above and beyond what is collected each year in the normal Stewardship Campaign which funds cover the normal operating budget.

As the plans for the work become clear, the congregation will again be informed.  We are trying to maintain a high level of openness and communication on this project.

Thank you to all who provided survey feedback.

Kurt Bagwell, Sr., Chair


First Presbyterian Church of Delray Beach

33 Gleason Street 

Delray Beach, Florida  33483