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COVID-19 In-person Worship

Question and Answers

On January 7, 2021, the Session proposed and approved unanimously the closing / opening metrics during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Q. What if I don’t feel comfortable returning to in-person worship?

A. That is perfectly okay! We want all congregants to make the decision to return in person based on what is best for them and their loved ones. We encourage you to continue to worship virtually until you are truly comfortable that it is safe for you to return. We will welcome you back whenever that is, and be in spiritual communion with you until you return.

Q. What are the metrics that Session approved in regard to closing and opening for in-person worship during the pandemic?

A. Read the full resolution proposed and approved unanimously by the Session on January 7, 2021.

Q. What source are you using to monitor the positivity rate of COVID-19 in Palm Beach County?

A. We are using COVID ActNow.

Q. Will there still be on-line streaming of the worship service? 

A. Yes!  We consider this to be a vital part of our ministry and it has proven to be extremely important in this time when people have been asked to stay at home or feel that they need to do so for their best safety.


Q. What is the church doing to make it safe for congregants to return?

A. Key adaptations include placing additional hand sanitizing stations inside and outside the building. Modifications to the offering, Communion, baptism, bulletin distribution and greeting practices described elsewhere in this Q&A will also contribute to the safety of all. In addition, we are suspending some of our usual activities in this phase of reopening, including Sunday School inside the building, youth group inside the building, and use of our full choir.


Q. How will the church reduce the chance that someone who is carrying the virus might attend our in-person worship?

A. First, we are asking anyone who has any symptoms of illness not to attend. Second, we are putting in place all the safeguards communicated here. Experts now say that masks and social distancing, coupled with good air circulation, are the most important ways in which we can prevent the virus from spreading. We believe we are taking a very conservative approach that will offer a significant amount of protection for everyone who chooses to attend. We will ask – and require – that everyone who wants to join us in person adhere to the rules that we are putting in place.


Q. Will there be a limit on the number of people who are allowed to attend each service, and if so, how will I know that I will be able to get in if I make the trip to the church?

A. Yes, the capacity will be reduced. We will be marking off sections throughout the church so that we may seat people at an acceptable social distance (we are using 6 feet). With these changes, we will be able to accommodate about 140 people. In addition, for those who might be uncomfortable entering the building, we will be providing seating in our Courtyard where they will be able to hear the service.  However, we believe this will be sufficient.  Right now, we don’t anticipate having to turn anyone away.


Q. How many services are we going to have?  

A. There is one worship services on Sunday mornings at 10 a.m. through the end of October.


Q. With only one entrance being used, will I have to stand in line to get into the building? How will this be organized?

A. To do a good job at social distancing, we are using only the entrance by the covered drop-off and will need to control the flow of people up to the entrance and into the Narthex and Sanctuary. So, it is possible you might have to wait a short time. The places will be marked where you should stand – just like going into some of our local stores. Some of these positions will be under the cover of the portico, but some will be beyond it. So, we suggest two things: arrive early, not at the last minute, and depending on the weather, bring along an umbrella to protect yourself from rain or sun. We will give priority to seating those who cannot stand for any length of time or use a device to assist with mobility – there will not be a wait for these individuals.


Q. Will I be required to wear a mask while I am on the church property/in the church buildings? What if I don’t have one with me?

A. Yes, you will need to wear a mask. We know this is unnatural and uncomfortable, but with 70% or more of our congregation in the highest risk groups, we must all be as careful as we can. Just think of it as a way of showing your Christian love in a real and tangible way. Once you enter our doors, it’s not a symbol of anything but that. If we all do it, we are all much safer.


Since most people have masks at this point, we ask you to bring your own to the service with you. For those who might be guests and unaware, or those who forget, we do have a limited number of new, packaged masks available.


Q. Will I be able to sit where I usually do in the Sanctuary?

A. Unfortunately, the answer is most likely, “no.” The only way that social distancing can work in a setting like our Sanctuary is to block off certain sections and seats and fill the Sanctuary from the front to the back. We appreciate everyone’s willingness to be flexible so that all who want to come back to in-person worship will be seated at a safe distance.


Q. I understand that there will not be congregational singing – why not?  

A. A number of serious incidents of infection have been linked to choir rehearsals or performances. Singing projects the dangerous pathogens further than normal speaking. Also, we know from the research studies that the masks worn by most of us don’t block all the possible infection droplets. So, to be as safe as possible, we are asking that if the Spirit moves you to join in with our soloists, you to hum or sing very softly behind your mask. By having only soloists offer our music ministry, we are reducing the risk and logistical challenge that would come with having our full choir.  Soloists and the congregation are protected by social distancing; soloists wear masks when not performing.


Q. Will there be any changes to the practice of ushers handing out bulletins?

A. Yes. because there is some chance that paper can pass the virus, we have come up with an alternate approach.  Bulletins will be placed on all the seats that will be available for the service approximately 72 hours in advance of the service (considerably more time than suggested as sufficient for dissipation of the virus on paper materials). Because we are removing all printed materials from the pews – hymnals, Bibles, and cards for prayer requests, etc. – the bulletins will contain all the information you need for the service.


Q. Will there be passing of the offering plates?

A.  No, we are modifying our usual offering practice. Offering plates will be set up on several tables/small stands in the Narthex so that you can deposit your offering before or after the worship service. As always, you can also give online.


Q. How can we safely greet our fellow worshippers?

A. Based on our social distancing practice, we ask worshippers to use ways of greeting each other that do not involve proximity or physical conflict. These include placing your hand over your heart, a wave, or other friendly gesture.


Q. Will there be Sunday School or youth activities?

A. Bible Bunch, and Nursery will not be held during this phase of our re-opening. There will be no in-person youth groups meeting or young adult events in this timeframe.  Sunday School for children will be held both virtually and outside in the Courtyard.


Q. Will we be able to take Communion? 

A. Yes! We will be conducting Communion on the first Sunday of the month, as usual, but through a “self-serve” process. When you enter the Narthex, you will pick up a stack of two cups: the bottom with the bread and the top half filled with juice. The elements will be prepared by individuals wearing gloves and masks. During the Communion portion of worship, you will partake as you normally would from the containers you have brought into the Sanctuary with you.


Q. How long will all of the practices described here be kept in place?

A. Our current plan is expected to be in place for now until such time that the Session feels it is safe to make changes.