Sustaining Ministry Excellence

First Presbyterian Church of Delray Beach has a wide-reaching impact on people's lives. We celebrate that God is doing something in the world and in our lives. We come here to encounter God, and we leave each Sunday feeling encouraged to live vibrantly and move ever closer to God.

Our Stewardship theme this year is Sustaining Ministry Excellence. Everything we do here, we do with excellence, whether that be our fantastic music ministry, the sermons delivered each Sunday, Dr. Doug Hood's Nurture Faith devotions, meaningful events with children, youth, and families, our Distinguished Preacher Series, or our amazing community outreach. We honor God by keeping our ministry excellent.

Our goal for this year's stewardship campaign is to increase generosity at First Presbyterian Church of Delray Beach by $10,000 per week in 2022. 

Sustaining Ministry Excellence points us toward three initiatives for enhancing our ministry in 2022:

  • Nurturing Our Faith
  • Enhancing Our Congregational Care
  • Strengthening Our Pillars of Support

Nurturing Our Faith:

Our three priorities for Nurturing Our Faith are to upgrade the livestreaming worship experience, renew our funding for our Distinguished Preacher Series, and reactivate the children's choir. 

Our livestream services reach many people each week, enabling snowbirds, homebound members, busy parents, vacationers, and others who simply prefer to worship online to connect meaningfully with our church. We want to make this experience even better. This means analyzing and improving, as needed, everything, including the sound, video quality, lighting, and graphic overlays. Newcomers often check us out online before visiting, and a strong digital presence is paramount to continuing this congregation's growth and changing more lives in our community.

Each year we bring in world-renowned preachers who add vitality to our congregation. These Distinguished Preacher vibrant ministry weekends challenge us to grow in our walk with Jesus Christ.

We already have a world-class music program and a robust children's ministry. Both are integral to attracting young families. We wish to reinstitute our children's choir by inviting some of our youngest members to make a joyful noise in the name of God. By deepening the impact of our children's ministry, we are communicating to everyone who walks through our doors that children matter. 

Enhancing Our Congregational Care:

As our community continues to grow, our need to provide congregational care continues to increase. We plan to do that by creating the staff position of Associate for Congregational Care and by expanding our Stephen Ministry program.

The Associate for Pastoral Care position was cut in recent years, but is critical for providing the best care to our faith community. We plan to reinstate the position under a new name as the Associate for Congregational Care. Your needs matter, and we'd like a staff person dedicated solely to walking alongside you as you confront life's challenges. This specialized position will also free Dr. Doug Hood and Rev. Greg Rapier to invest in their areas of specialization and to steer this community toward future growth.

Stephen Ministers are a huge blessing to any congregation. They walk alongside people and listen, care, encourage, and provide emotional and spiritual support. Most importantly, they communicate Christ's love for this community. Funding is needed to train leaders who can then train Stephen Ministers right here at our church.

Strengthening Our Pillars of Support:

Dr. Doug Hood has communicated time and time again that our current staff is the strongest he has had in 35 years of ministry, and the leadership of the church has echoed his sentiments. Likewise, we have first-class buildings situated near the beautiful coastline of one of the most desirable places to live in the country. These things cost money. More than that, these things make a difference. The staff does far more than maintain an organization, just as the building does far more than hold worship services. We house programs. We serve the community. We feed the hungry. We cry with strangers. And, we point toward the risen Christ through it all.