Formative Practices

Formative practices –intentional disciplines or habits –are how we make our home in Christ rather than in the world. They are lifestyle routines that help us keep on track in living into the life and character of Jesus. Five formative practices that are generally considered fundamental are, worship regularly, pray daily, learn and apply God’s Word, participate in a ministry, and give financially to the work of the church.

Time in Solitude with God

Spiritual formation and growth require a growing attentiveness to God, to where God is active in our lives, and to where we are being led. This attentiveness requires that we regularly make a place in our lives to sense God’s presence and to hear God speak. This is a time for reading the Bible, prayer and sitting before God in silence.

Time in Community of a Small Group

The Kingdom of God is relational. A decision to follow Jesus and grow in His likeness cannot be accomplished alone. The Apostle Paul teaches in his letter of Romans that, though Christian discipleship is intensely personal, it is corporate in character (Romans 12: 3-5). Regularly meet with a small group and commit to the study of the Bible using this basic structure: Read, Reflect and Respond. Additionally, small group members hold one another accountable for spiritual growth and offer encouragement.

Time Sharing Your Faith with Another

Our daily conversations do more than provide a running narrative of our lives; such conversations shape our experiences, practices and life with one another. Ultimately, spiritual formation is the quality of life we live. That life develops positively in the manner of Jesus as we regularly make time to share with another our personal growth in faith. 

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