Spiritual Resources

A Basic Approach to Spiritual Growth

Formative Practices

     Worship Regularly

     Pray Daily

     Learn & Apply God's Word

     Participate in a Ministry

     Give Financially

Time in Solitude with God

     Identify a regular time each day to be alone with God for a minimum for twenty minutes reading the Bible and prayer.  Also helpful is the use of a devotional guide such as Doug Hood's Heart & Soul available from the church.

Time in Community with Others

     One hour each week, spend time with one or more people reading the Bible and discussing the application to life today.  Also share how your faith is growing or faith challenges you are facing.  This may be done with a spouse, children, or friends.  Make it enjoyable with a beverage and snacks.

Time Sharing Your Faith with Another

     Our faith expands richly by sharing with another person how we are personally experiencing God or what we are discovering by our personal reading of the Bible.  Be intentional and do this once or twice each year with different people like colleagues at work or friends in social circles.

Copyright W. Douglas Hood, Jr.

Practice of Prayer - Book Recommendations

  •  "A Life of Prayer: Cultivating the Inner life of the Christian Leader" by Paul Cedar
  •  "Prayer: Finding the Heart's True Home" by Richard J. Foster
  •  "Prayer: Does It Make Any Difference?" by Philip Yancey


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