More About the Co-Pastoring Model



As most of our members and friends are aware, Dr. Hood is planning to retire in approximately 3 1/2 years. At the same time, First Delray recognizes that we have an outstanding successor to Dr. Hood in our wonderful Associate Pastor, Dr. Greg Rapier. Our church has chosen to implement a co-pastoring model to ensure our congregation remains purposeful, vital, and growing.


What is Co-Pastoring?

Co-pastoring is a model for pastoral leadership, approved by the Presbyterian Church U.S.A., in which two pastors share equally in serving the needs of a congregation. It is the sole option available to us as a Presbyterian Church congregation that will enable Rev. Rapier to automatically and immediately become our pastor upon Dr. Hood’s retirement.


Where are we now in the Process?

Our church leaders have approved the co-pastoring model, and we have provided information to the congregation through a letter, articles, and Town Halls – receiving much support and welcoming and answering members’ questions.


As of March 2024, our congregation unanimously approved the calling of Dr. Hood and Dr. Rapier as co-pastors in the fall of this year. 

On May 18, 2024, the Presbytery of Tropical Florida’s Committee on Ministry brought its recommendation to the Presbytery assembly that they approve our request to call Dr. Hood and Dr. Rapier as co-pastors. This recommendation was approved by the assembly by a supermajority.

In the fall of 2024, Dr. Hood and Dr. Rapier will be installed as co-pastors.


Will anything change for me as a congregant or friend of First Presbyterian?

There is no change for you. Your relationship with the pastors does not change. You will see more of Dr. Rapier in the pulpit, and perhaps observe some other shifts in the sharing of church leadership tasks, but both pastors are accessible to you as before.


Supporting our Pastors as We Move Forward

You, as a member or friend of First Delray, have an important role to play in supporting our pastors as we make this transition. You can do this by keeping our pastors and our congregation in your prayers and offering them your personal encouragement in the coming months.


If you have any questions not addressed here, you can write, call, or speak to our Business Administrator, Nancy Fine, and she will forward them to the Co-Pastoring Committee consisting of Mary Martinéz, Megan Buck, and Anne Gaudree -- and they will get back to you.  



We are truly blessed at First Presbyterian to have two wonderful pastors who are dedicated to the current and future success of our church! Let’s make them shine even brighter in the next few years as co-pastors by giving them our full support!