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Dear friends,


We are remembered for what we give, not for what we hold onto. I was powerfully reminded of this during a memorial service for someone who died. During the service and following, I heard story after story of how the deceased had given generously to this organization and another. Each church and non-profit receiving gifts were stronger today because giving characterized this person’s life. Their life was being celebrated by what they gave, not for what they held onto.


Recently, the church sold a small condominium left to the church by a member, Susanne Emery. During one of my pastoral visits with Susanne, about a year before she died, she shared how much the ministry of this church had blessed her life. She informed me that she wanted to multiply that blessing to others in perpetuity. That is when she told me she had planned with an attorney to leave her home to the church. After her death, her home was sold, the remaining mortgage was paid, and the church received over $45,000. Our church has a stronger financial position for the future because of Susanne! Her generosity will be remembered and celebrated for many generations.


I invite you to consider how you will be remembered. Your membership and annual support of our church have resulted in a stronger ministry. Our impact in the community is greater because of you. Yet, once you have died, your part in that impact stops unless you make plans to make a Legacy Gift. Even small gifts such as $500 or $1,000 are important. As someone once said, raindrops can fill a bucket.


Naturally, not one of us is guaranteed tomorrow. I invite you to make plans with an attorney to make a Legacy Gift to First Presbyterian Church of Delray Beach. Or, you may contact the Presbyterian Foundation (800-858-6127) and speak with a Ministry Relations Officer. In any amount, a gift will be invested with others in our Remembrance Fund to create an annual gift to the church. That way, year after year, just like Susanne Emery, you will be supporting life-changing ministry through our congregation as a Legacy Partner. Indeed, we are remembered for what we give, not for what we hold onto.


With gratitude for you,


Dr. W. Douglas Hood, Jr.

Senior Pastor              

Giving for the Future

Become a Legacy Partner

Making a planned gift is not just for those who have wealth or special financial expertise but for anyone with a generous spirit who wants to designate their gifts while they are living.  As members and friends of First Presbyterian Church of Delray Beach, we share a deep sense of gratitude for those who have gone before us.  They gave gifts to help fund the current needs and for the long-term benefit of those who would follow them in ministry.


Your Legacy Partner gift ensures the continued vitality of First Presbyterian Church of Delray Beach from one generation to the next.  While a planned gift brings a sense of fulfillment to our own lives, it may also provide financial benefits to the donor, including tax savings, reduced capital gains, and release from financial management.

What Is A Legacy Partner?

A Legacy Partner can make a gift to First Presbyterian Church of Delray Beach today, through planned gifts, or through estate planning. Such a gift will continue to support the ministries and missions of the church long after the donor is gone.  Legacy Partners are a vital part of keeping the church financially sound and each person’s generosity is greatly appreciated and is an example to others.


There are many ways to become a Legacy Partner.  Explore our Ways to Make a Planned Gift page for more details.  

If you have already included First Presbyterian Church of Delray Beach in your estate plans or need additional information about becoming a Legacy Partner, please complete the Legacy Partner Inquiry Form.