Are you interested in joining our church? On the first Sunday of most months, representatives of our governing body (the Session) meet with prospective members.  Following that short meeting, new members are welcomed into the faith community. There are NO CLASSES for those who have previously been baptized. To save time, please complete the Church Membership Information Form and bring it with you to the meeting. For more information, contact Nancy Fine, Business Administrator.

We are offering a virtual path to membership during this time.  Please complete this form and you will be contacted.

Benefits of Church Membership

Joining a community of believers, (a church), is a natural step for a person who has made the decision to follow Jesus as Savior and Lord.  Christians need to belong to a community of believers for encouragement and growth in their life of faith.

Types of Membership

Letter of Transfer:  If you are currently a member of another church, you may join by letter of transfer.  Please give the name and address of the church where you currently have your membership.  We will notify them and inform them of your desire to unite with us.

Reaffirmation of Faith: If you have professed your faith before and joined a church, but it has been a while or there is no membership to transfer, you may join by reaffirmation of faith in Jesus Christ.

Profession of Faith:  If you have never professed your faith in Jesus Christ and never joined a church, you may join by profession of faith in Jesus Christ.  If you have never been baptized, we will join with you in celebration of your baptism into the family of God.

Affiliate:  If you are a resident in the area only part of the year and wish to maintain your membership in your other church community, you may join as an affiliate member.  You are entitled to all the rights and privileges of active members except for the right to vote and hold office.