Having Your Wedding at

First Presbyterian Church of Delray Beach

FAQs About Getting Married at Our Church

  1. Can non-members be married at First Presbyterian Church of Delray Beach?  Yes, we consider weddings for non-members a part of our ministry outreach.
  2. What is the procedure to get married at First Presbyterian Church of Delray Beach? Contact Nancy Fine (561-276-6338, ext. 10) to check the availability of your requested date.  You must complete our Request for Use of Church Facilities for Weddings form and submit it to Nancy.  This form is then reviewed by our Senior Pastor.  Once approved, you will receive an invoice for your wedding fees.
  3. Can we use our own pastor?  One of the ministers of our church shall conduct all services and ceremonies.  In their absence, they will arrange for a pastoral substitute from our ministerial staff.  However, on a case-by-case basis, exceptions may be made to this policy.  A letter of appeal must be submitted with the Request for Use of Church Facilities for Weddings form.  You will be notified about the decision as soon as the appeal is reviewed.
  4. When are the fees due?  As indicated on the invoice, all fees are due at least 30 days prior to your scheduled wedding date. If payments are not received in a timely manner, there is a possibility that the wedding may be cancelled.
  5. Can I arrange a payment plan for the wedding fees? Payment plan arrangements are made through consultation with Nancy Fine.
  6. Can I get married on a Sunday?  We do not do weddings on Sundays.
  7. What times are available for weddings?  Weddings can be held at any time, however we suggest that your service not be held after dark so that you and your guests can experience the full beauty of our stained glass windows.
  8. Can you "pencil" me in while I make arrangements with the reception venue?  No, our weddings are booked on a first come, first serve basis upon receipt of the completed Request for Use of Church Facilities for Weddings form.
  9. How many people can the church hold?  We have seating for 364 in our main Sanctuary, with approximately 100 seats available in our overflow room, the Covered Patio. 
  10. How many rows of pews border the center aisle in the Sanctuary?  There are 14 rows of pews on either side of the center aisle.
  11. Does the church provide an aisle runner?  No, your aisle runner is a personal choice and is not provided by the church.
  12. How long should the aisle runner be?  The aisle runner should be 50 feet.
  13. Does the church provide the unity candle?  No, your unity candle is a personal choice and is not provided by the church.
  14. I already have an outside wedding planner.  Do I have to use your Wedding Coordinator?  The Wedding Coordinator's job is to ensure a smooth wedding in accordance with our church policies.  The direction of the wedding rehearsal and wedding is entirely under the supervision of the Pastor and Wedding Coordinator.  
  15. Do you allow prerecorded music during the service?  No.
  16. Do you allow rice, confetti, or flower petals to be thrown on the church premises?  These items as well as other celebration items shall not be used or thrown on the church premises including the exterior grounds.  These should be reserved for wherever the reception is to be held.  Fake flower petals may be used.  There will be a $500 penalty collected on the date of the wedding if this rule is violated.
  17. Can flash photography be used during the ceremony? The use of lighting and/or flash photography is not permitted during the service. 
  18. Can we have alcoholic beverages? No alcoholic beverages are allowed on the church property.

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