Sustaining Ministry Excellence

First Presbyterian Church of Delray Beach has a wide-reaching impact on people's lives. We celebrate that God is doing something in the world and in our lives. We come here to encounter God, and we leave each Sunday feeling encouraged to live vibrantly and move ever closer to God.

Our Stewardship theme this year is Sustaining Ministry Excellence with a focus on Gratitude. Read more

David's Story

David Fannin shared how the music program at First connects us to God and fills our souls. Here are David's thoughts. 


To fully appreciate the Music Ministry at First, a place to start is to imagine what our worship services would be like without the Music Ministry. Music has been used for centuries to celebrate important events, to help celebrate marriage ceremonies and as solace when we mourn the passing of loved ones. Liturgical music helps to set the tone of a worship service.  Read more

Penny's Story

Penny Johnson moved to Florida about 5 years ago. The plan was for her family to move with her, but her daughter-in-law got a huge promotion and they stayed. Penny is a musician, but before visiting First, she had a vocal cord injury that required surgery. “I was a trained singer,” she shared. Penny believed at that point in her life she may never sing again.


As she began to settle into life in Florida alone, she did an internet search for a church. “Music and mission were important to me. A church should be more than Sunday morning. I was looking for a church that reached out into the community.” Read more

James and Danielle's Story

James Hyatt is a professional financial consultant. “I did go to church, but then I just stopped,” he shared. “I stopped going to church after college and for some time after college. I was originally from South Florida and moved to New England for 8 years.” Now James is back in Florida.

A little over a year ago, James and his fiancée, Danielle, started having conversations about the importance of practicing their faith together in a community. “We were looking for a very non-judgmental place where we felt comfortable going. From my experience, depending on the church, you can get eyes that look at you and you can just feel the judgment.”  Read more

Andy's Story

Andy Montgomery has been an associate member of First Presbyterian for about four years. “I’m not a Bible freak,” he shared. “I grew up in a Congregational church, married in a Methodist church. Sunday was the day you go to church.”

When he and his wife Joy started spending a couple of weeks in Florida each year, they looked for a church. “The first time we visited First Presbyterian we felt the service was phenomenal,” he shared. Read more

Pregi's Story

Pregi Febriani grew up in Indonesia and came to the U.S. for her bachelor’s and master’s degree in hospitality. She knew when she arrived in the U.S. that she wanted to find a community. “I was looking for a church family because I didn’t have family in the U.S. The way I was raised, you always have God, and you can just pray, as simple as that, but I knew I also needed a community.”


After moving to Florida with a friend, Pregi began sitting on the back row of congregations in search for the one she would call her home. Read more