Sustaining Ministry Excellence

As a Trustee and the head of the 2023 Stewardship Campaign, I am writing to you about a topic that many people find uncomfortable in the church setting: giving money. The bare facts are that giving from our congregation has decreased over the last few years, and, unfortunately, we are not currently covering our overhead costs and financial commitments.


In 2023, we are continuing with our stewardship theme from last year—Sustaining Ministry Excellence, with a focus on gratitude for all that your contributions do to enrich the lives of those in our congregation and our communities.


During the next few months, you will hear personal messages during worship from Elders and members of the congregation. They will share how they see their financial commitment as part of their spiritual wholeness, how it supports the missions of the church, and how they and others benefit. Each of these messages will help our understanding of how giving plays a much-needed role in our lives in the Lord and at First Presbyterian. They will remind us that our contributions mean: sustaining a lovely building that inspires our worship, a dedicated staff, incredible music, and programs / pastoral care that nurture both members and those in need beyond our doors.


Spiritually-vital believers not only spend time in Bible reading, praying, worshiping, and working on projects that support the church’s mission, they also commit to regular financial giving. We all need to put a different lens on giving – making it a part of our “spiritual fitness plan.”


We hope that you will prayerfully consider making and/or increasing your pledge of financial support, based on your means. For almost 100 years, First Presbyterian has faithfully nurtured its congregation and the surrounding community. We want to ensure that we can continue that commitment and deliver a high level of service.


Commitment Sunday is February 19, 2023. You may present your Statement of Intent at that service of worship or mail it to the church office.


With trust in your faithfulness,

Phillip Aimé

Stewardship Campaign Head

On behalf of the Trustees of the First Presbyterian Church of Delray Beach