Andy's Story

Andy Montgomery has been an associate member of First Presbyterian for about four years. “I’m not a Bible freak,” he shared. “I grew up in a Congregational church, married in a Methodist church. Sunday was the day you go to church.”

When he and his wife Joy started spending a couple of weeks in Florida each year, they looked for a church. “The first time we visited First Presbyterian we felt the service was phenomenal,” he shared. “There is no one better – when Pastor Doug got up to preach, Joy and I agreed there would be no other church for us.”

Andy appreciates that during worship at First, he can sit peacefully for an entire hour. “I can hear a message, and no one is yelling or shouting or having me do anything else. I learn something from it and then I can follow it.”

Andy and Joy are not in town most of the year, but Andy is grateful to be able to keep up with the worship, music, and messages by connecting online and watching the worship services by live stream.