Legacy Partner FAQ

Q:  What is “Legacy Partner”?

A:  It is a Planned Giving program that provides an opportunity for individuals and families to perpetuate their financial support of First Presbyterian Church of Delray Beach even after life’s earthly end.


Q:  What is the purpose of “Planned Giving”?

A:  The purpose of Legacy Partner planned giving is threefold: to help strengthen the vitality and financial soundness of the church far into the future; to provide helpful information to aid members in developing such plans on a timely basis; and to offer an opportunity to enrich our own individual faith journey by helping to strengthen and support church ministries well beyond our physical lifetime.


Q:  How can I make a gift?

A:  A gift can be made in a variety of ways.  Visit our Ways to Make a Planned Gift page.


Q:  How are the funds used?

A:  Unless specified for a particular use, bequests are perpetual pledges to maintain some or all of one’s lifetime giving as a legacy to the church. These bequests are added to our Endowment Fund, Remembrance Fund, or other funds as designated by the church’s Trustees. 


Q:  Who manages the funds?

A:  Expenditures from the funds are made by the Board of Trustees of First Presbyterian Church of Delray Beach, according to the wishes of the donor and upon authorization of the Session.  Gifts are deposited in accounts that are professionally managed under the oversight of the Investment Committee of the church and with the concurrence of the Session.


Q:  What are the specific methods I can use to accomplish Planned Giving?

A:  You should choose the strategy that best fits your individual situation.  Making a provision in one’s will for a bequest to First Presbyterian Church of Delray Beach is one simple method.  The other methods commonly used in estate planning to produce meaningful gifts are Charitable Remainder Trust, Charitable Gift Annuity, Retirement Assets, and Charitable Lead Trust.


Q:  Are there samples of bequest language for my will?

A:  The following language may be appropriate for a bequest of a specific dollar amount, a percentage of your estate, or a description of the property you wish to give.


I give the sum of $__________________ [or] the following assets ____________________ to First Presbyterian Church of Delray Beach, located at 33 Gleason Street, Delray Beach, Florida, 33483 to be for its general purposes (or for the specific purpose of _____________). First Presbyterian Church’s Federal Tax ID number is ______________. (Contact Christine Davis for the church’s FEI number.)



All (or ___%) of the residue of my estate, I give and devise to First Presbyterian Church of Delray Beach, Florida [select one of the following clauses]:

a. to be used for the following purposes or program _______________ [or]

b. to be used for church purposes determined at the discretion of the Trustees.

First Presbyterian Church’s Federal Tax ID number is _____________. (Contact Christine Davis for the church’s FEI number.)


Note: Every will, living trust, or other charitable planned gift is unique and should be structured to fit the needs and estate plan of each individual according to state laws.  As with any decision regarding legal and financial matters, you should consult with your own independent professionals such as an attorney, accountant, trust officer, life insurance professional, or investment provider.


Q:  Do you have an example of a previous Legacy Partner?

A:  One of our church members had highly appreciated stock that did not pay a dividend.  They created a Charitable Remainder Trust naming First Presbyterian Church of Delray Beach as the beneficiary and received lifetime income with tax deductions.


Q:  How do I take the next step?

A:  Complete the Legacy Partner Inquiry Form letting us know that you need additional information or have already have remembered First Presbyterian Church of Delray Beach in your estate plans.