Our Spiritual Leaders


The Session is the council for the congregation and is responsible for governing the congregation and guiding its witness to the sovereign activity of God in the world so that the congregation is and becomes a community of faith, hope, love, and witness.    

  • Steve Anderson (Trustee)
  • Jen Buce
  • Megan Buck (Trustee)
  • Richard Falk (Stewardship Team Chair)
  • Carl Fedde (Treasurer) 
  • Anne Gaudree (Trustee)
  • Jeanne Heavilin (Mission Outreach Ministry Team Chair)
  • *Ken Janson (Trustee Moderator, non-voting member of Trustees)
  • Penny Johnson (Offering Ministry Team Chair)
  • Stephen Long (Trustee, Vice Moderator of Trustees)
  • Mary Martinéz (Trustee) (Clerk of Session)
  • Keith Neff
  • Grant Pothast (Trustee)


The ministry of Deacon as set forth in Scripture is one of compassion, witness, and service, sharing in the redeeming love of Jesus Christ for the poor, the hungry, the sick, the lost, the friendless, the oppressed, those burdened by unjust policies or structures, or anyone in distress.   

  • Glenn Barton (Treasurer)
  • Kelye Cauldwell
  • Bill Fisher
  • Ashley Harper
  • John Harper
  • Chuck Holderness
  • Debbie Holderness
  • Danielle Hyatt
  • James Hyatt
  • Pamela Kent-Balasco
  • Araceli Paris
  • Robert Paris (Moderator)
  • Kim Pothast
  • Lissette Rapier
  • Ann Shuman
  • Donna Van Horn
  • John Van Horn
  • Holly Watts
  • Michael Watts


  • Communications: Tim Knapp  
  • Member Nurture and Member Cultivation: Dr. Doug Hood
  • Fellowship: Sid Breman and Pat Breman
  • Investment: David Fannin
  • Mission Outreach: Jeanne Heavilin
  • Nominating: 
  • Offering: Penny Johnson
  • Personnel: Lucille Fannin
  • Prayer: Maryann Rana
  • Property: Jim Whitaker
  • Stewardship (Annual Fund Campaign): Richard Falk
  • Welcome: Carolyn Kettle
  • Worship and Music: Dr. Doug Hood